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What's my Tipple?

What's my Tipple?

By Red, White & Amber

Winter is all about keeping warm; jumpers, blankets, open fires or even saunas! But nothing quite beats a decent winter warming beverage, but not just any beverage. A high class spirit or fortified is ideal. Here are four drinks that will knock your socks off and impress you and your friends. Drink them by the fire, in the snow or even in the sauna.

Bullers Calliope Grand Tokay ($80)From a solera dating back to the 1930s this is a grand tokay with an average age of 25 years. Rich honey, toffee and cold tea are balanced with wood aged rancio characters. It is so rich and satisfying (at 18% alcohol) it will definitely warm you up. Enjoy by itself or with coffee, biscotti and a mandatory chunk of fruitcake.

Delord Bas Armagnac XO 10 Years ($90)Armagnac is often forgotten or overlooked but it is arguably the biggest jewel in the French spirit crown. While the high profile Cognac producers are falling over themselves to taint their product with sweetness, the good people of Armagnac are strictly maintaining their standards. It is classically amber and aromatically redolent of nuts, rancio, vanilla and old wood. Slightly coarse to begin, it is a brilliantly rounded spirit and the flavours are immensely long and smooth; great introduction to Armagnac if you are a ‘newbie’.

Michel Courveur Intravagan’za Single Malt ($140) Here’s a Single Malt with a difference. Highland Whisky matured in a combination of Moscatel and Oloroso casks for 2-3 years in a cellar in Burgundy. It smells of almonds and frangipane with some grassiness, honey and wood. Wine cask aging highlights some silky elegance making it a smoother experience. Enjoy as an aperitif or in your leather recliner with some decent music.

Beach House Spiced Rum ($90)This is a top of the range spiced rum from Mauritius. Its harmonious blend of spicy, peppery notes and subtle underlying sweetness are shot through with tropical ambiance, making it a rum best sipped watching the sunset. It has subtle aromas of blood orange and honey before an onslaught of intense gingerbread, lime and crystalised ginger. Think tropical sugercane, floral bitter orange blossom and hints of exotic spices. 

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