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Top Tips for Weight Loss Success!

Top Tips for Weight Loss Success!

Top Tips for Weight Loss Success!


Tips from an award winning trainer!


With weight loss always being a hot topic we thought we would arm you with our top tips on how to make a success of it yourself. By following these points and adding them to your weekly routine, you will accelerate your results and achieve massive success!!


1. Remember: If nothing changes-nothing changes! If you think you are going to change by doing the same thing you've always done, unfortunately, you are going to get the same result you've always gotten! When embarking on a weight loss journey, you need to ask yourself; "what can I do different/better this time around to get a different/better result?"


2. Consistency is key! Don't feel discouraged if you make these changes and then after 1 week don't see the weight falling off! Making long lasting changes to your lifestyle is all about consistency, so by adding and implementing something new into your life one week and then continuing to do so until it is habit, the results will come just be patient!


3. Drink at least 3Litres of water per day! When trying to lose weight you will more than likely be doing more cardio and weights training and will have made some changes to your carbohydrate intake too. It is therefore, important to drink plenty of water to ensure your body stays hydrated and doesn't store any water. This will ensure you are flushing toxins out of your system and also don't see any anomalies on the scales due to water retention.


4. Set a fitness goal to focus on too! Often when focusing entirely on weight loss we can get demotivated if we do everything right but don't see the result we want straight away on the scales-for this reason it is great to have a fitness focus too so you can know that whilst working on your new body your fitness is also improving and you are able to do things that you never thought you could do! Enter a fun run to keep you motivated!


Vision Personal Training's results are GUARANTEED so you can confidently participate in a program knowing that we have the ability to help you transform your life-all it takes from you is a commitment to stick to your goals and have fun along the way!

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