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Hidden Jem - Hawthorn Art Gallery

Hidden Jem - Hawthorn Art Gallery

The Gallery is a beautiful, curvy and creative space. Step off the bustle of Burwood Road into an oasis of calm and bathe in the combined vision of curator and artist.

From 17th March until 13th June the Town Hall Gallery will host The Traveller: Experiencing Movement, Time and Place. Featuring works from the Lyon Collection, one of the largest and most significant collections of Australian contemporary art, the exhibition represents key works by some of Australia’s most celebrated artists including Patricia Piccinini, Matthew Sleeth, Callum Morton, Shaun Gladwell, Peter Atkins and Louise Forthun. The works express, “ideas about our contemporary world; vivid images of suburbia and our urban landscape, works that talk to the experience of place and space through movement and time, ad others that immerse us in the contemporary and virtual,”says Corbett Lyon, Lyon Foundation Chair. The Gallery has a long-standing relationship with artist Matthew Sleeth, holding several of Matthew’s pieces in the permanent collection.

“It’s always exciting to work with curators at the Town Hall Gallery,” says Matthew, “it’s a rigorous and challenging process I enjoy.” Of The Traveller exhibition, Matthew says, “the wonderfully newly renovated gallery provides an exciting opportunity to show these works in relationships they haven’t been shown in before.”

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